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In house manufacturing facilities at BNML are constantly being added to, presently manufacturing processes covered include:

  • Reverse Engineering

    BNML are able to reverse engineer from samples, where no drawing is available, we have facilities to determine material composition and raise CAD drawings.

    Reverse engineering of parts can demonstrate substantial savings for the client, against OEM equipment, where there is the opportunity to do so, and also far shorter lead times when compared to OEM parts.

  • Heat Treatment

    At BNML we heat treat both raw materials and finished goods, not only for hardening and tempering but also for vacuum heat treatment and nitriding etc. where necessary. We can supply furnace charts where required.

  • Coating/Plating

    BNML are able to apply a number of coated finishes such as:

    • Xylan/PTFE
    • Sermagard
    • Molykote
    • Geomet
    • Spun Galvanised
    • Hot Dip Galvanised
    • Zinc Plated
    • Sherardised
    • Silver Plated
    • Chrome Plated

    Please do not hesitate to enquire regarding other finishes as the above are purely a sample of common finishes.

  • Destructive and Non Destructive Testing

    BNML have the facility to test samples of material or product, non destructively to ascertain material content. This will ensure that if we reverse engineer parts we can be sure that we utilise the correct material.

    We also partner with test houses to perform processes such as MPI , Dye Penetrant and Ultrasonic testing etc.