We are excited to announce that we are extending our presence in the UAE in the form of a strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi based company Al Mousawi Trading Co. LLC.

The collaboration is driven by a mutual goal to increase sales orders, activate more accounts, and secure approvals, giving Bolt and Nut an ‘on the ground’ presence in Abu Dhabi.

Al Mousawi Trading Co. LLC is one of Abu Dhabi’s first Oil and Gas Products and Service providers. They are a family-owned business and one of the region’s leading suppliers to the Oil and Gas, Utilities and Power, Marine, and Industrial sectors

The partnership allows Bolt & Nut to secure new approvals and strengthen its presence and supply in Abu Dhabi, whilst Al Mousawi Trading Co. LLC add another principal & products to their supply for current & potential new customer base. This collaboration promises growth and expansion opportunities for both parties.

Tom Higgs, Business Development Manager for Bolt and Nut says of the collaboration; “We have been supplying into the UAE for many years, and our aim now is to increase the number of sales orders, active accounts and approvals from this territory. The assistance of an exclusive partner in Al Mousawi Trading Co. LLC, who have extensive industry and technical knowledge, will allow us to achieve this goal, utilising their local knowledge and relationships. As we grow, we recognise the strategic importance of partnership and the cultural benefit they bring”.