Bolt and Nut Manufacturing Ltd have made our second major machine investment of 2024, this time in the form of a TRT 50 Thread Roller.

The £125K investment includes a full set of annular rolls that will enhance operational efficiency and reduce material costs at our West Midlands based manufacturing facility.

The purchase of the TRT 50 enables us to roll up to 3”/M76 in Ø and takes us up to a total of 3 thread rollers on site. It sits perfectly between our TRT 90 and ORT 30.

During periods of high order volumes, our TRT 50 will also provide support to our TRT 90 in delivering a rolled thread, keeping our production times to a minimum and ensuring we continue to deliver the highest standards of service.

Technical Director, Spencer Ball, for Bolt and Nut said, “We are excited about the introduction of the TRT 50 Thread Roller to our manufacturing facility. This machine not only enhances our threading capabilities but also aligns perfectly with our commitment to cost-efficiency and sustainable practices”.