A diverse range of plant, machinery and tooling enables Bolt and Nut to supply products from a simple washer to highly complex products for use in harsh environments.

Our highly skilled engineers are able to manufacture components to bespoke customer drawings and specifications, across a comprehensive raw material inventory including Inconel, Nimonic and Monel etc.

Bolt and Nut has experience in dealing with all kinds of exotic alloys.

Please see a list of the services and manufacturing processes that we offer below.

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To complement our manufacturing and stocking capabilities, Bolt and Nut provide additional services to suit your specific needs.


Product Types

Headed Products

12 Point Bolts
CE Bolts
Cheese Head Bolts
Countersunk Screws
D Head Bolts
Flange Bolts
Flask Lid Bolts
Hex Head Bolts
Hex Head Setscrews
Hex Pressure Plugs
Round Head Bolts
Slew Ring Bolts
Socket Head Capscrews
Square Head Bolts
Swing Bolts
T Head Bolts


12 Point Nuts
Barrel Nuts
Cap Nuts
Castellated Nuts
Cylinder Cover Nuts
Flange Nuts
Hexagonal Nuts
Long Nuts
Nyloc Nuts
Ring Nuts
Spherical Nuts
Spiratype Locking Nuts
Tommy Bar Nuts


Flat Washers
Shakeproof Washers
Spherical Washers
Spring Washers
Tab Washers

Industry Specific

Anchor Bolts
Blade Bolts
Buoyancy Modules
Casing Studs
Collar Studs
Conrod Bolts
Cylinder Head Studs
Double Ended Studs
Dowel Pins
Engineering Studs
Exhaust Studs
Foundation Bolts
Grub Screws
Head Cover Studs
Hex Adaptors
Hex/Round Sleeves
Hinge Pins
J Bolts

LF2 Plugs
Manway Studbolts
Piston Head Studs
Piston Rods
Riser Stems
Rotor Bolts
Square/Rectangular Keys
Stud Connectors
Suspension Bolts
Tap End Studs
Tension Assemblies
Thermocouple Bolts
Tie Rods
Tower Connection Bolts
U Bolts
Weld Studs

Thread Forms

Metric coarse
Metric fine

Raw Materials

Carbon and Alloy Steel

AISI 4140/4340
ASTM A193 B7/B7M/B16/B16A
ASTM A320 L7/L7M/L43
BS EN 10269 21CrMoV5-7
BS EN 10269 24CrMo5
BS EN 10269 42CrMo4
BS970 080M40 (EN8)
BS970 605M36 (EN16)
BS970 708M40 (EN19)
BS970 817M40 (EN24)
BS970 826M40 (EN26)
Durehete * 900/950/1055
Esshete * 1250
Jethete * X19
Mild Steel

*represents trademarked material

Super Alloys and Duplex Steel

254 SMO UNS S31254
Hastelloy * B2/C41/C22/C276
Incolloy * 800/800HT/825/925
Inconel * 600/601/625/718
Monel * 400
Monel * K500
Nimonic * 75/80/80A/90
Titanium Alloys
UNS 32550 * Ferralium 255
UNS S31803
UNS S32750
UNS S32760
Zeron * 100

*represents trademarked material

Stainless Steel

ASTM A193 B5/B6
ASTM A193/A320 B8/B8M/B8T
ASTM A193/A320 B8/B8M/B8T-CLASS 2
ASTM A193/A320 B8C
ASTM A453 660A/B/C/D
ASTM A564 630 S17400
BS970 303/304 (18-8/A2)
BS970 310/321/347
BS970 316 (A4)
BS970 410/416/420/431/422
ISO 3506 A2/A4 CLASSES 50/70/80
ISO 3506 C3-80
Nitronic * 50/60

*represents trademarked material


Aluminium Bronze
Cupro Nickel 70/30
Cupro Nickel 90/10
Hiduron * 191
Manganese Bronze
Marinel *
Naval Brass
Phosphor Bronze
Silicon Aluminium Bronze

* represents trademarked material

Machining Capabilities

Machining Capabilities

Automatic Capstan Lathes (EMI-MEC)
CNC Lathes
CNC Milling
CNC Saws
Conventional Capstan Lathes
Grinding (Centerless and surface)
Hot Forging
In-house Heat Treatment
Spark Erosion
Thread Rolling

Download Plant List

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Case Hardening
Precipitation Hardening
Quenching and Tempering
Solution Annealing
Thru Hardening



Hot Dip Galvanising (Vat and Spun)
Zinc (Various passivations)
Zinc Nickel

*Trademarked Plating



Chemical Analysis
DPI (Dye Penetrant Inspection)
Elevated Tensile
Intergranular Corrosion
Image Dimension Measuring (Keyence)
Micro Etch
MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
PMI (Positive Material Identification)
Proof Load
Stress Rupture
UT (Ultrasonic Testing)
Wedge Testing


Reverse Engineering

Bolt and Nut offer a reverse engineering service, where our qualified engineers can produce drawings and components from your sample products. We also carry out chemical and mechanical testing, to ensure use of the correct materials.

Project Management

With vast experience of dealing with blue-chip companies, Bolt and Nut offers a full project management service, from initial enquiry right through to final customer delivery.

24 hour emergency support

We know that downtime is the biggest headache that our customers have to deal with. With this in mind, we offer a 24 hour breakdown service for any emergency situation. If the worst does arise, please contact sales where we’ll be on hand to help.

3.2 Certification/ITPs

Do you require orders to be independently witnessed by a third party of your choice? Bolt and Nut has experience dealing with agencies offering 3.2 certification such as, BSI, Lloyds, DNV, TUV, Bureau Veritas and ABS etc. Bolt and Nut appreciates that in certain circumstances, customers may require extra documentation and visibility of processes involved in the manufacturing of their goods. To support this, Bolt and Nut offer Initial Testing Plans (ITPs) outlining the various processes involved in completing an order.

Consignment Stock Holding

If you have specific/repeat requirements for bespoke manufactured components, Bolt and Nut is able to create parts in their entire bulk quantities and house them in our warehouse facility. The advantages are: Lower component costs, scheduled deliveries, guaranteed stock availability for next day delivery and no minimum delivery quantities.

Delivery and Logistical Options

Our logistics department offers a full range of incoterms, with deliveries to all locations. This spans domestic deliveries on our own transport, right through to deliveries to international locations by road, rail, air or sea. Next day delivery of stock items is available for orders placed before 3pm.

Multilingual support on hand

Communication is key! Befitting of a company with an international focus, Bolt and Nut employs support staff from all around the globe. Our multilingual sales team is technically trained and able to answer any questions that you may have.

Technical Support/Product Advice

Bolt and Nut don’t just sell fasteners! From valves to pumps, sub-sea pipelines to wind turbines, our technically trained sales team is able to support you by providing expert product advice. Our knowledge of industry applications and projects sets us apart from the competition.

Should you require any further information about the services that we provide, please ask our team.